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Why do I need the Plug-in for CRM?

Surely you have more important things to do than to maintain data in a wide array of programs, manually process internet requests or struggle with the use of different software programs. What you want instead are efficient, time-saving procedures and the option to optimize your marketing and management activities without any major technical effort or personnel expenditure.

The free CRM of the Worldsoft Business Suite allows you to automate responses to internet inquiries, react faster, communicate in a targeted manner, save time, and have all the relevant information in one place.

Our system can be integrated easily and quickly with the WordPress Plug-in. Website inquiries are submitted to the CRM, where they are automatically encoded and answered. Individual coding and real-time statistics provide you with accurate information about your marketing activities.

You can have FREE CRM till 1.000 client addresses, you can also upgrade the technical limitation of usage by choosing one of the Business Suite package HERE:

Business Suite packages


Forms builder, let`s imagine you are interested to have the landing page where you have to place some questions and receive the answer or just to collect the data from users of your page, or to receive the request for an offer.

The form builder is the best tool to create any type of form with different targets, complexity and different required fields. You can create registration forms in different languages in some minutes. The forms will be integrated in your website and automatically collect the data in CRM system, so that you do not need to search for the contact in your mail box afterwards.

The amazing, modern tool to create web-forms very fast, collect data on the systematic base, to receive the notification on your mail.

The form builder is adapted for all type of devices and uses responsive design. You have a preview of the forms before you place it on the page.

You do not need to be a professional or use additional HTML code for installation, just download plugin and start using the smart, modern software.

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Customer acquisation by autopilot.

According to surveys, 90 percent of companies have not yet automated their online presence. Website inquiries are not used effectively, sometimes they are not even answered.

The CRM of the Worldsoft Business Suite (WBS) provides your prospective customers with the information they seek - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - customized and personalized - and fully automated for your convenience!

WBS is a complete business suite for SMEs. The free CRM can be expanded by an email marketing system with follow-up emails. Automated follow-up emails turn new contacts into new customers. Your website becomes a powerful sales tool and attracts new customers by autopilot! WBS can be expanded also with online surveys, calendars, invoicing, reminders, item and inventory management as well as an affiliate program. WBS have API´s to payment providers and other apps.

Get here the CRM plugin for WordPress which will help to systematize your processes and make them run automatically.

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