We will offer you several plugins that you can effectively use
together with your website on the WordPress.

Upcoming plugin for E-mail Marketing System (EMS)

What EMS is about?

The Email Marketing System (EMS) this is the most effective tool for increasing online sales. EMS plugin will be integrated with CRM system, EMS automatically access the data from the CRM, consequently you do not need to spend your time for maintenance or data collection anymore. EMS allows you to send personalized circular emails and follow-up e-mails. You can generate newsletters as PDF and you have an online survey module available.


Automatic increase Follow-up newsletter your sales experience, to 200 to 300 percent - often by as much as 1,000 percent!


Upcoming plugin for Reservation system

What Reservation system is about?

Automatic system that collect the data for an appointments, event, meeting, booking the trip, rent the car, rent space and any other, suitable for all kind of businesses activities, which has to send the request or be linked and integrated in the system with the calendar, time and hour. 


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